Here are the entries for the 2020-21 broadcast TV season. When a show is cancelled, players receive 20 points plus a bonus of 1-10 based on where they ranked it. A perfect score is 255. The tiebreaker is the retail price of the higher-priced showcase on the first new episode of The Price is Right in January 2021, which was $36,499. Shows in strikethrough have been cancelled. Shows in bold have been renewed. Shows in italic have been pushed back to the next fall season. These standings are final.

Player (tiebreaker) Entries Score (potential)
Mark Richey
10. Manifest5. All Rise201
9. For Life4. Filthy Rich
8. The Equalizer3. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
7. Next2. Last Man Standing
6. Law & Order: Organized Crime1. Mom
I have no idea what to pick this year!!!
10. Supernatural5. Evil183
9. Filthy Rich4. A Million Little Things
8. Next3. The Blacklist
7. All Rise2. For Life
6. Manifest1. Mom
Paul Fedory
10. Supernatural5. Nancy Drew159
9. Next4. The Equalizer
8. Filthy Rich3. Manifest
7. Mom2. A Little Late with Lilly Singh
6. B Positive1. The Bold and the Beautiful
Mrs. TVaholic
Throwing titles on the wall to see what sticks!
10. Supernatural5. Call Your Mother158
9. Superstore4. Filthy Rich
8. Next3. Call Me Kat
7. Housebroken2. Manifest
6. B Positive1. Evil
Rogers Cadenhead
The Equalizer isn't a soccer drama?
10. Supernatural5. True Story157
9. Filthy Rich4. Mr. Mayor
8. Connecting3. All Rise
7. Big Sky2. Duncanville
6. Call Your Mother1. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
No research. No preparation. Don't know what has already been cancelled. I'll probably do better.
10. Connecting5. Nancy Drew150
9. Big Sky4. Bob Hearts Abishola
8. For Life3. Next
7. B Positive2. All Rise
6. Call Your Mother1. American Housewife
Elliott Smith
I honestly have no idea about any of these picks.
10. Supernatural5. For Life139
9. Next4. The Rookie
8. Filthy Rich3. Small Fortune
7. Connecting2. Dynasty
6. Blood & Treasure1. The Blacklist
David Rigsby
I realized that this year's entry is a lot of wild guesses. Then I realized that's pretty much the same way networks schedule new shows.
10. Supernatural5. The Moodys135
9. Connecting4. The Kenan Show
8. Manifest3. Next
7. B Positive2. Big Sky
6. Duncanville1. MasterChef Junior
Jen Molinari
Everything is fucked up in 2020, so I reckon I either shock everyone by winning the whole thing or by coming in dead last.
10. Supernatural5. Mr. Mayor132
9. Swamp Thing4. Call Your Mother
8. The Kenan Show3. Connecting
7. Housebroken2. Duncanville
6. Next1. True Story
Sean's Ramblings
Good luck to everyone! This seems impossible to pick this year.
10. Mom5. Evil131
9. Good Girls4. In the Dark
8. Duncanville3. Call Your Mother
7. Filthy Rich2. American Housewife
6. Dynasty1. Blue Bloods
Edwin Bupp
10. Mom5. Batwoman129
9. The Unicorn4. The Conners
8. Legacies3. B Positive
7. MacGyver2. Superstore
6. The Rookie1. Supernatural
Ivey West
I'm a rabble rouser; I rouse rabbles.
10. Supernatural5. Supermarket Sweep128
9. Call Me Kat4. Dynasty
8. The Kenan Show3. MacGyver
7. Next2. Manifest
6. Call Your Mother1. The Rookie
I have no idea what is going on
10. Supernatural5. Evil128
9. NCIS: Los Angeles4. The Kenan Show
8. Manifest3. Last Man Standing
7. The Blacklist2. In the Dark
6. Superstore1. Next
Josh Croyle
10. Supernatural5. The Kenan Show125
9. Connecting4. Mr. Mayor
8. Big Sky3. Mom
7. The Blacklist2. Call Your Mother
6. The Great North1. Clarice
Research was weak with this one.
10. B Positive5. Manifest121
9. The Outpost4. All Rise
8. MacGyver3. Bless the Harts
7. Big Sky2. Supermarket Sweep
6. FBI1. NCIS: New Orleans
Marcy (not Carsey)
"There is always, always a nonvoodoo explanation."
10. Supernatural5. Call Your Mother111
9. A Little Late with Lilly Singh4. Two Sentence Horror Stories
8. Roswell, New Mexico3. The Hustler
7. Next2. Blue Bloods
6. Charmed1. I Can See Your Voice
Chris Rosenberg
Can't believe 2020 didn't bring us a gritty reboot of My Mother the Car
10. Supernatural5. The Equalizer109
9. Call Your Mother4. Clarice
8. B Positive3. The Blacklist
7. Big Sky2. The Kenan Show
6. Next1. Call Me Kat
Jonathan Bourne
Zing is the simplest form of interactive television, not to mention the most practical.
10. Supernatural5. Small Fortune108
9. The Equalizer4. Grey's Anatomy
8. Filthy Rich3. For Life
7. Next2. Mental Samurai
6. Call Me Kat1. The Weakest Link
Anthony Bush
Should give the Flex-Seal guy 13 episodes this year.
10. The Moodys5. Big Sky101
9. Blood & Treasure4. The Republic of Sarah
8. Clarice3. B Positive
7. Generation Gap2. Black Lightning
6. The Outpost1. Supernatural
Jeff W
10. Walker5. Call Your Mother94
9. The Great North4. Next
8. Housebroken3. Filthy Rich
7. Mr. Mayor2. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
6. The Hustler1. Supermarket Sweep
Josh Guers
Is this a 3 Call or Free Look game?
10. Next5. Walker84
9. Big Sky4. B Positive
8. Filthy Rich3. I Can See Your Voice
7. The Republic of Sarah2. Call Me Kat
6. Connecting1. The Great North
Rob Hoffmann
I'm back to save 10 random shows from cancellation!
10. Supernatural5. The Conners83
9. New Amsterdam4. Blue Bloods
8. Two Sentence Horror Stories3. Riverdale
7. A Little Late with Lilly Singh2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
6. Manifest1. Grey's Anatomy
Jim Sirianni
Everything before the word 'but' is horseshit.
10. Generation Gap5. The Great North80
9. Connecting4. Filthy Rich
8. True Story3. Small Fortune
7. Next2. Housebroken
6. B Positive1. Kung Fu
Phil Collins
I have no clue really
10. Call Your Mother5. Big Sky76
9. Young Rock4. All Rise
8. Ellen's Game of Games3. The Rookie
7. The Blacklist2. MacGyver
6. Bull1. Mr. Mayor
Bill Vandermark
Throwaway picks for a throwaway year.
10. Bob Hearts Abishola5. Call Your Mother71
9. The Good Doctor4. Mixed-ish
8. Kung Fu3. Ellen's Greatest Night of Giveaways
7. I Can See Your Voice2. Good Girls
6. B Positive1. Mr. Mayor

Do not adjust your set.