Here are the entries for the 2021-22 broadcast TV season. When a show is cancelled, players receive 20 points plus a bonus of 1-10 based on where they ranked it. A perfect score is 255. The tiebreaker is the retail price of the higher-priced showcase on the first new episode of The Price is Right in January 2022, which was $30,412. Shows in strikethrough have been cancelled. Shows in bold have been renewed. Shows in italic have been pushed back to the next fall season. These standings are final.

Player (tiebreaker) Entries Score (potential)
Rogers Cadenhead
This season gives me Smallwood.
10. Supergirl5. La Brea208
9. black-ish4. Queens
8. This is Us3. Our Kind of People
7. SEAL Team2. Ghosts
6. Ordinary Joe1. Kenan
Michael Palmieri
10. Legacies5. Dynasty189
9. United States of Al4. The Big Leap
8. Supermarket Sweep3. The Conners
7. Killer Camp2. La Brea
6. This is Us1. Station 19
Paul Fedory
so many random things this year
10. black-ish5. Home Sweet Home183
9. Supergirl4. Magnum P.I.
8. This is Us3. Queens
7. La Brea2. 4400
6. Ordinary Joe1. Ghosts
Mark Richey
10. Queens5. Call Me Kat182
9. Killer Camp4. Dynasty
8. Ordinary Joe3. The Big Leap
7. La Brea2. Our Kind of People
6. Home Sweet Home1. The Blacklist
Josh Croyle
10. This is Us5. Ordinary Joe178
9. black-ish4. La Brea
8. Thursday Night Football3. Batwoman
7. Monarch2. The Thing About Pam
6. The Rookie1. Smallwood
David Rigsby
I never know what I'm doing picking these shows. Neither do TV execs.
10. This is Us5. Blood & Treasure175
9. black-ish4. Mr. Mayor
8. Home Economics3. Good Sam
7. Ghosts2. Ordinary Joe
6. United States of Al1. Home Sweet Home
Sean's Ramblings
Is this getting more difficult every year or is it just me?
10. black-ish5. The Thing About Pam162
9. This is Us4. Smallwood
8. Killer Camp3. Call Me Kat
7. Ghosts2. Blood & Treasure
6. The Big Leap1. Monarch
10. Queens5. Our Kind of People160
9. Home Sweet Home4. Ghosts
8. The Big Leap3. Nancy Drew
7. Ordinary Joe2. Monarch
6. La Brea1. Pivoting
Carl Knecht
I am prepared to live with disappointment.
10. black-ish5. Ordinary Joe160
9. This is Us4. La Brea
8. Supergirl3. The Blacklist
7. The Flash2. Pivoting
6. Queens1. The Good Doctor
Who even knows anymore
10. black-ish5. Bull157
9. This is Us4. Home Sweet Home
8. New Amsterdam3. Blood & Treasure
7. 44002. Dynasty
6. Home Economics1. Call Me Kat
VBI 'Til We Die
10. Supergirl5. Home Sweet Home155
9. black-ish4. The Wonder Years
8. This is Us3. La Brea
7. Alter Ego2. Ordinary Joe
6. Ghosts1. The Big Leap
Molly Burch
10. The Big Leap5. 4400153
9. Queens4. Our Kind of People
8. Ghosts3. Home Sweet Home
7. Alter Ego2. Killer Camp
6. The Cleaning Lady1. Don't Forget the Lyrics!
10. La Brea5. Tough as Nails148
9. Ordinary Joe4. Home Economics
8. The Blacklist3. Killer Camp
7. 44002. Home Sweet Home
6. B Positive1. United States of Al
10. Ghosts5. Legends of the Hidden Temple147
9. Good Sam4. Ordinary Joe
8. La Brea3. The Conners
7. Abbott Elementary2. In the Dark
6. Pivoting1. United States of Al
John Parsons
10. La Brea5. Killer Camp141
9. Alter Ego4. Home Sweet Home
8. Ghosts3. The Thing About Pam
7. FBI: International2. Good Sam
6. The Big Leap1. Ordinary Joe
Hopefully going from 2nd to 1st this year!
10. This is Us5. Ordinary Joe139
9. black-ish4. Ghosts
8. Supergirl3. NCIS
7. SEAL Team2. The Resident
6. The Flash1. Grey's Anatomy
Jim Sirianni
Man, money ain't got no owners, only spenders.
10. This is Us5. The Thing About Pam136
9. Supergirl4. Pivoting
8. black-ish3. FBI: International
7. Abbott Elementary2. Grand Crew
6. The Cleaning Lady1. Come Dance With Me
Ivey West
I'm a rabble rouser; I rouse rabbles. And apparently bring a bunch of friends to this game that beat my senseless last year.
10. This is Us5. Home Economics136
9. black-ish4. Ghosts
8. The Thing About Pam3. The Resident
7. Kenan2. Ordinary Joe
6. The Blacklist1. A Million Little Things
Chris Rosenberg
Where's Ted McGinley when you need him?
10. black-ish5. Welcome to Flatch136
9. Supergirl4. Alter Ego
8. This is Us3. B Positive
7. Ghosts2. The Blacklist
6. The Big Leap1. La Brea
10. Home Sweet Home5. Alter Ego136
9. Ordinary Joe4. 4400
8. La Brea3. NCIS: Hawaii
7. The Big Leap2. FBI: International
6. Our Kind of People1. Ghosts
Edwin Bupp
10. The Blacklist5. Big Sky134
9. Supergirl4. Home Sweet Home
8. Ordinary Joe3. Domino Masters
7. The Big Leap2. Welcome to Flatch
6. Our Kind of People1. Alter Ego
Marcy (not Hill)
"I don't mind change. I just don't like to be there when it happens." --Adrian Monk
10. This is Us5. AGT: Extreme134
9. black-ish4. Magnum P.I.
8. The Thing About Pam3. Ghosts
7. Abbott Elementary2. Nancy Drew
6. B Positive1. Our Kind of People
Can't do worse than last year, can I?
10. This is Us5. Ordinary Joe133
9. black-ish4. La Brea
8. Call Me Kat3. Queens
7. Alter Ego2. The Wonder Years
6. Smallwood1. Domino Masters
Rob Hoffmann
Back to give the gift of life to... um... 7 shows?
10. This is Us5. The Goldbergs130
9. black-ish4. A Million Little Things
8. Killer Camp3. AGT: Extreme
7. The Good Doctor2. Bull
6. New Amsterdam1. Supergirl
Tom H
The less thought I put into this, the better I do.
10. This is Us5. Home Economics130
9. black-ish4. The Big Leap
8. La Brea3. Call Me Kat
7. The Blacklist2. A Million Little Things
6. Queens1. Bull
Ben W.
10. Alter Ego5. Abbott Elementary128
9. Legends of the Hidden Temple4. Come Dance With Me
8. Killer Camp3. Good Sam
7. La Brea2. Tom Swift
6. Home Sweet Home1. Krapopolis
10. Grand Crew5. Ordinary Joe126
9. Good Sam4. The Big Leap
8. The Rookie3. Transplant
7. SEAL Team2. Call Me Kat
6. Ghosts1. Home Sweet Home
10. Ordinary Joe5. The Thing About Pam125
9. Abbott Elementary4. Grand Crew
8. Maggie3. Welcome to Flatch
7. Good Sam2. Naomi
6. Come Dance With Me1. Pivoting
I don't think they're going to make Flatch happen.
10. This is Us5. NCIS: Los Angeles114
9. black-ish4. The Flash
8. Supergirl3. The Goldbergs
7. The Thing About Pam2. The Good Doctor
6. The Blacklist1. Welcome to Flatch
Elliott Smith
This is getting harder and harder!
10. This is Us5. Smallwood112
9. black-ish4. The Rookie
8. Supergirl3. Home Economics
7. Domino Masters2. Call Me Kat
6. La Brea1. Young Rock
Ryan K
10. Ordinary Joe5. Mr. Mayor111
9. The Big Leap4. Monarch
8. La Brea3. Domino Masters
7. Batwoman2. Call Me Kat
6. Big Sky1. American Auto
Mrs TVaholic
This year is a total crapshoot. I just want to at least rank higher than one of my ATX family. Xo
10. This is Us5. Ghosts108
9. black-ish4. Krapopolis
8. Supergirl3. Grey's Anatomy
7. Welcome to Flatch2. The Neighborhood
6. Call Me Kat1. The Thing About Pam
Be gentle; it's my first time.
10. GMA3: What You Need to Know5. Killer Camp108
9. Our Kind of People4. Big Sky
8. Legends of the Hidden Temple3. AGT: Extreme
7. Magnum P.I.2. Krapopolis
6. Naomi1. Grand Crew
10. Home Sweet Home5. Domino Masters102
9. The Blacklist4. The Big Leap
8. The Cleaning Lady3. The Conners
7. Ordinary Joe2. American Auto
6. The Wonder Years1. 4400
10. Ordinary Joe5. Big Sky86
9. The Big Leap4. Ghosts
8. New Amsterdam3. The Blacklist
7. Queens2. Monarch
6. Alter Ego1. Maggie
Anthony Bush
50 years since the rural purge. How did it go? The rural jury is still out on that.
10. This is Us5. CBS This Morning86
9. black-ish4. The Masked Singer
8. The Bachelorette3. The Conners
7. Dancing with the Stars2. A Million Little Things
6. Celebrity Wheel of Fortune1. The Goldbergs
10. United States of Al5. La Brea81
9. Good Sam4. Alter Ego
8. Abbott Elementary3. Call Me Kat
7. Grand Crew2. Tom Swift
6. Domino Masters1. Blood & Treasure
Alex Mechanik
10. Good Sam5. Ordinary Joe81
9. Maggie4. A Million Little Things
8. The Blacklist3. The Flash
7. Grey's Anatomy2. FBI: International
6. Smallwood1. Ghosts
Senor Audacity
10. Ghosts5. The Blacklist79
9. The Big Leap4. Home Economics
8. Alter Ego3. United States of Al
7. Home Sweet Home2. Big Sky
6. AGT: Extreme1. The Rookie
10. Krapopolis5. Ghosts66
9. American Song Contest4. Home Economics
8. American Auto3. Ordinary Joe
7. Domino Masters2. The Big Leap
6. Abbott Elementary1. Killer Camp
Chad Cadenhead
TV sucks unless it's a medical, crime or legal drama spinoff
10. Come Dance With Me5. The Big Leap53
9. La Brea4. Bob Hearts Abishola
8. Our Kind of People3. Tough as Nails
7. Magnum P.I.2. Big Sky
6. Walker1. Grey's Anatomy
10. Great North5. Krapopolis44
9. The Wonder Years4. American Auto
8. Big Sky3. Good Sam
7. Domino Masters2. Monarch
6. The Cleaning Lady1. The Big Leap

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