Here are the entries for the 2019-20 broadcast TV season. When a show is cancelled, players receive 20 points plus a bonus of 1-10 based on where they ranked it. A perfect score is 255. The tiebreaker is the retail price of the higher-priced showcase on the first new episode of The Price is Right in January 2020. Shows in strikethrough have been cancelled. Shows in bold have been renewed. These standings are not final.

Player (tiebreaker) Entries Score (potential)
Chris Rosenberg
Quantum Leap reboot? Yes please.
10. Madam Secretary5. Bless This Mess111
9. Criminal Minds4. Sunnyside
8. The Good Place3. United We Fall
7. Schooled2. The Blacklist
6. Council of Dads1. Lincoln
Kyle Nolan
10. The Good Place5. Ultimate Tag111
9. Arrow4. Sunnyside
8. Madam Secretary3. Council of Dads
7. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist2. Indebted
6. The Baker and the Beauty1. Next
10. The 1005. How to Get Away with Murder106
9. Arrow4. Madam Secretary
8. Blindspot3. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
7. Criminal Minds2. Will & Grace
6. The Good Place1. Supernatural
Elite, active, NFL QBs may have to be on the endangered species list after this week....
10. Arrow5. Council of Dads85
9. Madam Secretary4. Broke
8. Modern Family3. Duncanville
7. Bob Hearts Abishola2. For Life
6. Almost Family1. The Baker and the Beauty
10. Supernatural5. Bob Hearts Abishola83
9. The Good Place4. Mixed-ish
8. Arrow3. Outmatched
7. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist2. The Kenan Show
6. Sunnyside1. The Baker and the Beauty
Tom Haddad
It's not whether you win or lose. it's whether you finish better than your friends.
10. Arrow5. The Unicorn81
9. Modern Family4. All Rise
8. The Good Place3. Fresh Off the Boat
7. Bob Hearts Abishola2. Evil
6. Carol's Second Act1. Stumptown
Amrie Cunningham
10. Madam Secretary5. How to Get Away with Murder81
9. All American4. The Good Place
8. Empire3. Supernatural
7. Arrow2. The Blacklist
6. Modern Family1. Blindspot
It is what it is.
10. Modern Family5. Empire80
9. Arrow4. The Masked Singer
8. Madam Secretary3. The Good Place
7. Bob Hearts Abishola2. The Conners
6. Supernatural1. Will & Grace
Phil Collins
10. The Good Place5. Blindspot78
9. How to Get Away with Murder4. Empire
8. Modern Family3. Prodigal Son
7. Arrow2. Bull
6. The 1001. Fresh Off the Boat
Elliott Smith
Welcome to Bluff City, bitch!
10. Modern Family5. Indebted76
9. How to Get Away with Murder4. United We Fall
8. The Good Place3. Outmatched
7. Almost Family2. Nancy Drew
6. Bluff City Law1. Fresh Off the Boat
10. Blindspot5. The Unicorn76
9. Arrow4. Carol's Second Act
8. Supernatural3. Schooled
7. Perfect Harmony2. Mixed-ish
6. Sunnyside1. Almost Family
Jim Sirianni
“Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it!”
10. How to Get Away with Murder5. Perfect Harmony74
9. Modern Family4. Almost Family
8. The Good Place3. Bob Hearts Abishola
7. Bluff City Law2. Sunnyside
6. All Rise1. Carol's Second Act
Chris burkett
Can I go back to back?
( 31111)
10. Criminal Minds5. Indebted59
9. The Good Place4. Broke
8. Modern Family3. All Rise
7. Council of Dads2. The Baker and the Beauty
6. United We Fall1. Tommy
With no research, it's hard to know what's not already cancelled.
10. Arrow5. Bless the Harts58
9. How to Get Away with Murder4. Bluff City Law
8. Madam Secretary3. Black Lightning
7. Bob Hearts Abishola2. Stumptown
6. The Masked Singer1. Carol's Second Act
Josh Croyle
10. Arrow5. Bob Hearts Abishola58
9. Modern Family4. Filthy Rich
8. The Good Place3. Indebted
7. The Kenan Show2. Man With a Plan
6. Evil1. For Life
Jam Master J
10. Madam Secretary5. Indebted56
9. Empire4. Lincoln
8. Modern Family3. Outmatched
7. Emergence2. Prodigal Son
6. Almost Family1. Stumptown
Ivey West
I’m a rabble rouser. I rouse rabbles.
10. The Good Place5. Fresh Off the Boat55
9. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD4. United We Fall
8. The 1003. In the Dark
7. Carol's Second Act2. Manifest
6. Next1. Prodigal Son
Sean's Ramblings
This is the bad place!
10. Modern Family5. Council of Dads55
9. Blindspot4. Filthy Rich
8. Criminal Minds3. Lincoln
7. Fresh Off the Boat2. Ultimate Tag
6. Prodigal Son1. Tommy
(Bob Hearts Abishola)
10. Will & Grace5. The Blacklist55
9. The Good Place4. A Million Little Things
8. Empire3. The Rookie
7. Bob Hearts Abishola2. Perfect Harmony
6. Sunnyside1. Schooled
Megan Ward
10. Mixed-ish5. Kids Say the Darndest Things55
9. Almost Family4. The Baker and the Beauty
8. Carol's Second Act3. Tommy
7. The Unicorn2. Council of Dads
6. Sunnyside1. Indebted
"all of the virtues of femininity with none of the vices"
10. How to Get Away with Murder5. Almost Family53
9. Modern Family4. Bless the Harts
8. Criminal Minds3. Perfect Harmony
7. The Kenan Show2. Bob Hearts Abishola
6. The Baker and the Beauty1. Carol's Second Act
James Cross
10. Madam Secretary5. Dynasty51
9. Empire4. The Kenan Show
8. Modern Family3. Good Girls
7. Legacies2. Emergence
6. Hawaii Five-O1. Almost Family
Rogers Cadenhead
Chuck Lorre could get a test pattern to syndication on CBS
10. Will & Grace5. Almost Family47
9. Supernatural4. Prodigal Son
8. Modern Family3. Bluff City Law
7. All Rise2. Sunnyside
6. Perfect Harmony1. Bless This Mess
10. Almost Family5. The Unicorn30
9. Carol's Second Act4. Man With a Plan
8. Bob Hearts Abishola3. The Kenan Show
7. Bless the Harts2. Katy Keene
6. All Rise1. In the Dark
Marcy (not Carsey)
10. Empire5. The Unicorn29
9. The Good Place4. Bob Hearts Abishola
8. How to Get Away with Murder3. Nancy Drew
7. Carol's Second Act2. Stumptown
6. Perfect Harmony1. In the Dark
Jen Molinari
Prayers to the patron saint of dead tv shows, please.
10. Empire5. Carol's Second Act27
9. Modern Family4. Perfect Harmony
8. Supernatural3. All Rise
7. Almost Family2. Outmatched
6. Filthy Rich1. Indebted
Rodney Key
10. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD5. Duncanville27
9. Bob Hearts Abishola4. Deputy
8. Bluff City Law3. Indebted
7. Sunnyside2. Broke
6. Perfect Harmony1. For Life
Mark Richey
Trying this with 0 shows I know are in their final seasons
10. Bluff City Law5. Almost Family25
9. Emergence4. Perfect Harmony
8. Dynasty3. Evil
7. Prodigal Son2. Bob Hearts Abishola
6. Bless This Mess1. The Rookie
Paul Fedory
10. Bluff City Law5. Stumptown22
9. Bob Hearts Abishola4. Nancy Drew
8. Prodigal Son3. Carol's Second Act
7. All Rise2. Almost Family
6. Emergence1. The Unicorn
Anthony Bush
No chalk. Just misses.
10. Bless the Harts5. Perfect Harmony21
9. Bob Hearts Abishola4. United We Fall
8. Bluff City Law3. The Unicorn
7. Broke2. Stumptown
6. Carol's Second Act1. Almost Family
Edwin Bupp
10. The Baker and the Beauty5. Carol's Second Act0
9. The Kenan Show4. Dynasty
8. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist3. United We Fall
7. Bob Hearts Abishola2. Council of Dads
6. Single Parents1. Indebted
Sammi T.
10. The Baker and the Beauty5. Council of Dads0
9. MacGyver4. Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist
8. Tommy3. Bluff City Law
7. For Life2. All Rise
6. Man With a Plan1. God Friended Me

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