Here are the entries for the 2022-23 broadcast TV season. When a show is cancelled, players receive 20 points plus a bonus of 1-10 based on where they ranked it. A perfect score is 255. The tiebreaker is the retail price of the higher-priced showcase on the first new episode of The Price is Right in January 2023. Shows in strikethrough have been cancelled. Shows in bold have been renewed. Shows in italics have been pushed back to the next fall season. These standings are final.

Player (tiebreaker) Entries Score (potential)
First timer. See how it goes...
10. New Amsterdam5. Kung Fu211
9. The Flash4. Nancy Drew
8. Riverdale3. Transplant
7. A Million Little Things2. The Real Love Boat
6. The Blacklist1. Accused
Carl Knecht
I am still prepared to live with disappointment. So far, so good.
10. The Flash5. Welcome to Flatch209
9. New Amsterdam4. The Blacklist
8. Riverdale3. A Million Little Things
7. The Real Love Boat2. The Resident
6. Alaska Daily1. The Conners
Dwight Kidder
10. New Amsterdam5. The Blacklist186
9. Riverdale4. Crime Scene Kitchen
8. The Flash3. The Conners
7. A Million Little Things2. Coroner
6. The Goldbergs1. Fantasy Island
This strategy is bound to work at some point.
10. The Flash5. The Good Doctor185
9. Riverdale4. The Goldbergs
8. New Amsterdam3. Blue Bloods
7. The Blacklist2. Accused
6. NCIS: Los Angeles1. Nancy Drew
David Rigsby
(Spoiler) NBC's final season will be 2025-2026.
10. Riverdale5. The Blacklist183
9. The Flash4. Housebroken
8. New Amsterdam3. A Million Little Things
7. The Real Love Boat2. The Wheel
6. Lopez vs. Lopez1. True Lies
10. New Amsterdam5. Monarch182
9. The Flash4. Housebroken
8. Riverdale3. La Brea
7. A Million Little Things2. Nancy Drew
6. Coroner1. The Goldbergs
Ivey West
I'm a rabble rouser; I rouse rabbles. And pick all of the same shows that I lost with last year.
10. The Flash5. Grand Crew162
9. Riverdale4. Home Economics
8. New Amsterdam3. All American: Homecoming
7. A Million Little Things2. Gotham Knights
6. The Resident1. Coroner
10. The Flash5. Call Me Kat155
9. The Late, Late Show with James Corden4. Young Rock
8. New Amsterdam3. Ghosts
7. Welcome to Flatch2. Fantasy Island
6. The Real Love Boat1. The Wonder Years
Marcy D.
"Would you like to yell at the moon with Buzz Aldrin?" -- Buzz Aldrin, 30 Rock
10. New Amsterdam5. Grand Crew155
9. The Flash4. The Resident
8. Riverdale3. American Auto
7. Welcome to Flatch2. Krapopolis
6. Transplant1. Young Rock
Paul Fedory
10. New Amsterdam5. La Brea136
9. The Flash4. The Conners
8. Riverdale3. So Help Me Todd
7. The Real Love Boat2. Call Me Kat
6. Quantum Leap1. Welcome to Flatch
It’s a total crapshoot choice this year. Just don’t want to place last against my TV family!
10. New Amsterdam5. Alert134
9. Riverdale4. Grimsburg
8. The Flash3. LA Fire and Rescue
7. Grey's Anatomy2. The Neighborhood
6. The Goldbergs1. Nancy Drew
Throw it all up in the air and see what happens
10. The Flash5. Million Dollar Island133
9. New Amsterdam4. Not Dead Yet
8. Welcome to Flatch3. Krapopolis
7. The Real Love Boat2. Lopez vs. Lopez
6. The Winchesters1. Walker: Independence
Rogers Cadenhead
I buy MP3s, subscribe to newspapers and watch broadcast TV. I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk upon the beach.
10. New Amsterdam5. Lopez vs. Lopez133
9. Riverdale4. Walker: Independence
8. The Flash3. Professionals
7. Accused2. American Auto
6. Not Dead Yet1. Night Court
Pittsburgh Tom
I dunno.
10. The Flash5. La Brea132
9. A Million Little Things4. American Auto
8. The Conners3. The Wonder Years
7. The Blacklist2. Call Me Kat
6. The Cleaning Lady1. Welcome to Flatch
Jason C
10. The Late, Late Show with James Corden5. The Conners129
9. The Flash4. The Blacklist
8. New Amsterdam3. Will Trent
7. A Million Little Things2. Grimsburg
6. Home Economics1. The Winchesters
Mark Richey
10. The Real Love Boat5. La Brea125
9. Lopez vs. Lopez4. The Goldbergs
8. East New York3. Welcome to Flatch
7. The Cleaning Lady2. Call Me Kat
6. The Rookie: Feds1. The Flash
Josh Croyle
10. The Flash5. The Rookie: Feds111
9. Riverdale4. True Lies
8. A Million Little Things3. La Brea
7. Welcome to Flatch2. Family Law
6. Night Court1. Quantum Leap
Chris Rosenberg
Coming this fall: Law & Order: Voir Dire
10. New Amsterdam5. Fantasy Island110
9. A Million Little Things4. La Brea
8. Night Court3. Quantum Leap
7. Not Dead Yet2. Accused
6. The Blacklist1. Bob Hearts Abishola
Jim Sirianni
Nanu, nanu....
10. The Flash5. Lingo108
9. A Million Little Things4. All American
8. Recipe for Disaster3. Don't Forget the Lyrics!
7. The Blacklist2. The Goldbergs
6. The Wheel1. That's My Jam
Sean's Ramblings
I never heard of Tough As Nails, yet this year starts it's 4th season!
10. The Flash5. Recipe for Disaster102
9. New Amsterdam4. LA Fire and Rescue
8. The Late, Late Show with James Corden3. Alert
7. Will Trent2. The Goldbergs
6. Crime Scene Kitchen1. Fantasy Island
Rob Hoffmann
I have saved 10 shows from cancellation. They should thank me.
10. The Late, Late Show with James Corden5. Superman & Lois99
9. The Good Doctor4. Nancy Drew
8. La Brea3. The Equalizer
7. The Real Love Boat2. New Amsterdam
6. The Flash1. Ghosts
10. The Real Love Boat5. Fire Country85
9. East New York4. Blue Bloods
8. NCIS3. Criss Angel's Magic with the Stars
7. La Brea2. Secret Celebrity Renovation
6. Alaska Daily1. Krapopolis
Craig Byrne
10. Family Law5. Lopez vs. Lopez76
9. Coroner4. Professionals
8. The Real Love Boat3. The Cleaning Lady
7. So Help Me Todd2. East New York
6. Young Rock1. LA Fire and Rescue
Anthony Bush
NBC may give up on 10PM; but, I never will. (cue Rick Astley's "Cry For Help")
10. Bachelor in Paradise5. The Real Love Boat75
9. The Masked Singer4. So Help Me Todd
8. Professionals3. Alaska Daily
7. The Goldbergs2. Lopez vs. Lopez
6. The Conners1. The Late, Late Show with James Corden
I don't have a tv
Are these really actual TV shows being made or is this all a big joke?
10. Lopez vs. Lopez5. Coroner49
9. Criss Angel's Magic with the Stars4. So Help Me Todd
8. The Winchesters3. Krapopolis
7. Professionals2. Quantum Leap
6. Family Law1. Alaska Daily
Craig Adams
I don't know what I'm doing, but just have a feeling
10. Krapopolis5. The Resident49
9. Recipe for Disaster4. The Real Love Boat
8. Beat Shazam3. So Help Me Todd
7. Alert2. Criss Angel's Magic with the Stars
6. Bob Hearts Abishola1. Will Trent
10. The Cleaning Lady5. Grimsburg27
9. La Brea4. Transplant
8. Welcome to Flatch3. Superfan
7. Call Me Kat2. Accused
6. That's My Jam1. Alert

Do not adjust your set.